Tai Chi Tauranga

Youngforest Martial Arts - ultimate fitness for the over 40's

Good news you don’t have to travel deep into china or to the peeks of the Himalayas to unlock the Tai Chi keys to health, well being and vitality. We have done the hard yards for you and these keys are available here in Tauranga.

A Message from Principle Grant Buchanan

If I could guarantee to improve your health, reduce stress build your self-confidence, get you fit, help you lose weight all while learning a fascinating and deeply rewarding Martial Art would you be interested?

Our Tai Chi System has been proven to:

  • improve mental clarity and focus
  • improve fitness
  • improve immune system response
  • improve strength and flexibility
  • lose weight
  • improve sleep and sleep quality
  • reduce stress and the ability to deal with stressors
  • improve breathing and repertory function

I know you can achieve these benefits because hundreds of our students have.

Tai Chi will help you develop a strong healthy harmonized body and mind

Look I know all of this sounds a bit too good to be true, most have seen Tai Chi as an activity for little old ladies or Asian groups in parks seemingly doing little more than waving their hands in slow motion. However the reality of the TRUE art of tai Chi is a wonderful thorough respected combative Martial Art and formula for a full life based on over two thousand years of accumulated knowledge in Traditional Chinese medicine and the Chinese philosophy and Zen. In my own personnel Tai Chi journey I can tell you it was literally a life saver and I have seen it change literally thousands of live in the last twenty years.

My Tai Chi journey started with my first Kempo Instructor Bob Barnes who introduced me to Tai Chi when I was at a critical junction in my life. I was training in Chinese Kempo with Sifu Barnes when travelling home from my job as an Electrical Engineer I was knocked off my motorbike by a drunk. The damage to my knees was serious and I was advised by two surgeons that a new right knee was a short term inevitability, running was out, and ladders and stairs were going to be an ongoing problem. Martial Arts was definitely out. Tough for a young man to hear and even more devastating as I loved Kempo and had found after some searching a fantastic Instructor in Sifu Barnes. So back to see Sifu Barnes, I went hobbling into the Gowon (training hall) to tender my resignation. After explaining my situation to Sifu the reply was something along the lines off” well you walked in here, you can always do more than you think let’s get you started in Tai Chi that will help you strengthen and heal”. So the three times a week Kempo classes now had two Tai Chi classes added to the schedule and the rest they say is history. The Tai Chi journey was initially extraordinarily challenging both physically and mentally. At an age were strength and speed are everything (early twenties) the concepts of serenity and harmony in movement, calmness and stillness were very hard to grasp. On a physical level the powerful strengthening process of slow movement and correct postural alignment continued to create steady improvement and strength and the knee problems became a thing of the past (although if the weathers on the change I sometimes know first).

Now just a quick word here on the quality of Instruction, I was being taught by a “Sifu” someone with vast Martial arts knowledge. I have had many students who have come from the community based class were someone who has a DVD or a “Sifu You Tube “usually with Dragons embroidered on their pants has actually done more damage than good, the power of moving slowly can also do harm if not done correctly.

So how does this change lives?

Well quite simply Tai Chi enabled me to stay healthy, fit, positive which of course meant I had to spread the art to others. This is something we have achieved on a grand scale. As the largest provider of the ACC modified Tai Chi Program our Instructing Team was able to deliver Tai Chi programs to over 10000 over 45 year olds in the Bay of Plenty and the Waikato over the last 15 years.

I started Karate with Andy Barber QSM in Nelson in the 1970s and have been doing Martial Arts ever since including spells in Tae Kwon Do and other Karate styles in London, all of which left me with knee and shoulder problems, since training with Grant I have gone a long way to rehabilitating and thoroughly recommend him as a highly skilled and knowledgeable InstructorIvan Jarvie

What makes us the leading Tai Chi School in the Bay of Plenty?

We already have a plan to take you beyond what you might be able to imagine. We have done it with and for so many over the last decade that our track record speaks for itself. As teachers we only want the best for you. Our commitment to Tai Chi is evidenced by our full time center operating in the same location for the last 13 years.


Over the last twenty years I have sought out the best tuition in the world. The style of Tai Chi we teach is Chen Style the first system which all others have grown from. Many claim various lineages in NZ, some I have found to be very murky. I chose in 2008 to travel to San Diego and train with Chen Xiao Wang the 19th Generation head of the Chen Family. Grandmaster Chen is the real deal someone who lets his incredible physical ability speak for itself, over the last twenty years I have trained with a handful of Grandmasters, some who talk the talk and some who can. In NZ I continue to train with and receive guidance from Senior Master Paul Bryant a highly accomplished Tai Chi Master trading with 19th Generation Grand Master Li.


Our 300 Sq metre Gwoon (studio) is world class. I have been in over 40 full time Martial Arts Schools and we have the best of everything. In 2002 we began a process to create the best facility we could and we have succeeded our spacious clean environment adds to your practice. Three matted training areas, floor to ceiling mirrors, air-con and all the equipment you can imagine.

Professional Instructors

When we say professional we don’t just mean we charge for our services. Our Instructors are full time and have a minimum of ten years’ experience. They are experts in Martial arts and focused on your success and development. Trust me you want someone who is a professional not someone balancing their full time job with a part time hobby. Our Instructors live and breathe Martial arts and you achieving your goals is their goal.

Central Location and Outdoor Training

Located off Second Ave in Tauranga we are easily accessed. We often take the opportunity to train outdoors in the lovely parks and environments available to us in Tauranga. Training outdoors enhances classes and allows us to really be a part of our environment and change our sense of the City and its outdoor environments.

I really love the Saturday Morning class with Sifu sometimes out in the park or a spot by the water, working away with a light sweat on, breathing deeply as we flow, this is such a lovely way to enjoy the bay our lovely environment keeping us fit and well, that sense that you have looked after yourself for the weekC Ward

Getting Started

We run introductory courses every month with a maximum group of ten new students. The introduction will teach you eight core Tai Chi skills, the eight section brocade breathing set and the first section of the Chen 19 Form. This will give you a good introduction the Tai Chi and you can decide if the continuing study is for you.

After only two months I have already felt the benefit of Tai Chi my posture and breathing have improved markedly, I am stronger and enjoying the challenge of getting mind and body to move together, the structure of the classes means you always feel you have gained something and moved forward each time, huge thanks to Grant and the TeamPauline Worth


I came to Youngforest Tai Chi to try and address an ongoing sciatic nerve problem which no one seemed to be able to help with, relatively quickly Sifu taught me some new stretches and helped correct my stance which has made a dramatic improvement, even my GP is impressed and the changes to my stress levels and ability to deal with stress has also been dramatic you owe it to yourself to give Tai Chi a tryArthur Vail


Happy to say through the persistence and encouragement of the instructors and fellow students I have grown to love Tai Chi ,initially I wondered if it was for me but now I’m hooked, the benefits are massive, I'm faster fitter and more confident in myself, my appreciation to Sifu Grant and his team. Great style, great work, great team.” R Durham


I really enjoy my Tai Chi classes it has greatly improved my fitness and flexibility, we have a lot of laughs in good compan. You and your instructors are so highly skilled and patient I feel lucky to be hereRichard Clare


I originally got started after being curious about Tai Chi seeing it practiced in the parks in Hong Kong and never dreamed there was a school of their caliber in Tauranga. The impact on my asthma has been dramatic and I have literally halved my daily puffer meds, the unexpected but pleasant surprise has been weightless, the workout is gentle but powerful and sure beats the boredom of the gymAlan Bartlett


I cannot speak highly enough of Sifu Buchanan and his team of Instructors, there enthusiasm, skill and dedication have enabled me to get it even though I struggled initially. Their consistent positivity has allowed me to gain more in the past four months than I could have dreamed.M Burn