At Mile High Karate Tauranga our goal is to help you and your family achieve new levels of fitness and health, self discipline, confidence and focus, through the mind/body practice of martial arts…

If we could help your child do better academically at school, keep healthy and fit, cultivate a stronger, positive and more determined spirit while learning high quality self defense and martial arts skills wouldn’t you want to look at what Mile High Karate Tauranga has to offer your child and your family?

Imagine how your child’s life could change when they attain the following benefits:

  • An understanding that respect and self discipline open the doors of opportunity
  • Appreciating that concentration, focus and perseverance lead to success
  • A desire to understand, improve, achieve and succeed
  • Feeling stronger, more able and confident
  • Develop a “I can do that, I’ll give it my best” attitude
  • Learning skills that link thinking and movement that help them feel positive, protect them and energize them
  • Experiencing the concept that effort can be fun and over time will result in reward
  • Becoming personally responsible and cooperative

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